About Us

Company Overview

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Tchi-Tchin-Ga is a company whose goal is to promote natural Spices, Exotic Rubs and Healthy BBQ Blends. Our Blends are inspired by West African cuisine, known for its’ rich flavor and healing components.

West Africa secret spices are not made only for seasoning, they are also consumed for their health benefits.

The name Tchi-Tchin-Ga is derived from the sound made by barbecue on a grid ‘Tchhh”. Tchitchinga is originally a blend of paprika and peanut powder, commonly used as spread on beef skewers. It is also called ‘Suya’ or’ Debi ‘in other countries of West and Central Africa. It is a street popular grilling recipe, a unique seasoning of its kind.

Try and introduce Tchi-Tchin-Ga to your loved ones. You will become the BBQ Star at your parties !!!

Our mission

Promote the flavors of exotic African cuisine in the Ontario community in particular and in North America in general. Share our secret culinary art and integrate Tchi-Tchin-Ga into North American gastronomic habits.

At Tchi-Tchin-Ga Inc., we are not only passionate about spices and BBQ grills. We also have a Heart to contribute to the development of disadvantaged women farmers.  We practice fair trade with our suppliers,  Women Farmers cooperatives that we support in West Africa.

Meet The Founder of Tchitchinga!

My name is Kafui Nadia Klussey Born in Togo, (West Africa), with a Business Administration background. I worked for more than a decade in Marketing and Sales.

In 2007 while employed as Marketing Agent in Togo, My employer was solicited by Women Entrepreneurs Network, for a sponsorship of a Fair Trade featuring their products. I was assigned to assist them, and it was a huge success. That opportunity gave Me an insight of the women struggles with their business in term of Marketing. I decided to step in and from then to volunteer, advising them in how to promote their products. Then later, came the idea to regroup women in an Organization that will educate, promote, and develop them. The project of Economic Development for Women Entrepreneurs got me to be selected as a “Humphrey Fellow” in 2009, to represent Togo in United State, through a Grant from US State Department. I decided to focus on empowering Women producers of Spices, organized in cooperative in Eastern part of Togo. I immigrated to Toronto Canada in 2011 to pursue my dreams of securing better opportunities for my beloved Farmers.

As it got challenging to find buyers for the Spices, I had the idea to add value to them by transforming them into blends. In 2017, I created a company: Tchitchinga Inc, with the objective to promote an African Inspired Blends and marinades, “Tchitchinga Blends” in North America. We practice Fare trade to increase the revenue and improve the life of African brave Women Farmers.