Food Truck

Tchi-Tchin to go

The ‘Tchi-tchin to go’ truck moves throughout the spring and summer to serve its audience directly in key locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team offers you a tasty mobile dining experience that you have never seen before.

It also offers catering services available at home for dinners with friends, business meals, family meals, or for receptions, ceremonies, parties, etc.

These delicious dishes are distinguished by their unique flavors copiously elaborated with organic spices from West Africa.


Our Menu

Beef skewers

Veal skewers

Lamb skewers

Vegetable skewers

Grilled chicken

Grilled ribs


Meat skewers $ 5 per unit

Vegetarian skewer $ 3 each

Offer ‘with friends’ box of 5 beef skewers $ 20

Offer ‘with friends’ box of 5 chicken skewers $ 18 $

Offer ‘with friends’ box of 5 skewers of veal and lamb meat $ 26

‘Mix family’ pack box of 20 varied skewers and accompaniment $ 5

Other products offered

Coconut oil

Flours: bean, sorgho and millet (ideal for nutritious desserts)

Spices and marinades