About Us

Company Overview

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Tchi-Tchin-Ga is a company whose goal is to promote Exotic and Healthy BBQ Blends, Rubs and Spices. Our Blends are inspired by West African cuisine, known for its’ rich flavor and healing components.

West Africa secret spices are not made only for seasoning, they are also consumed for their health benefits.

The name Tchi-Tchin-Ga is derived from the sound made by barbecue on a grid ‘Tchhh”. Tchitchinga is originally a blend of paprika and peanut powder, commonly used as spread on beef skewers. It is also called ‘Suya’ or’ Debi ‘in other countries of West and Central Africa. It is a street popular grilling recipe, a unique seasoning of its kind.

Try and introduce Tchi-Tchin-Ga to your loved ones. You will become the BBQ Star at your parties !!!

Our vision

Tchi-Tchin-Ga’s vision is to make North America adopt Tchi-Tchin-Ga as the reference spice blends for healthy and balance seasoning solutions. Our blends are natural, tasty and varied in flavor.

At Tchi-Tchin-Ga Inc., we are not only passionate about spices and BBQ grills. We also have a Heart to contribute to the development of disadvantaged women farmers by paying a portion of our profits to farmers’ associations. We encourage fair trade with our suppliers.

In order to fulfill its promise to its clientele on the quality and authenticity of its recipes, Tchi-Tchin-Ga works in close collaboration with cooperatives of agricultural women in West Africa.